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So I came across this in a sports discussion group this afternoon. I am skeptical about the deal for a few reasons.

  1. The Buffalo Bills would be giving up a ton for the second overall pick (Tyrod Taylor and 3 picks – 1st and 2nd rd this year, 3rd rd next year). Taylor was Buffalo’s first ProBowl QB in 10 years and with three picks as well, this is a goldmine to give up. However, this could be what it would take to get the number 2 overall pick from Cleveland who is desperate to find a QB for the future (RG3 is NOT the answer) and who have most likely been looking forward to grabbing either Goff or Wentz with the second pick.
  2. The Denver Broncos would be giving up a bunch just for Tyrod Taylor (1st rd pick and player not yet identified). Again, ProBowler but has only one season of starting under his belt. I could see a second rounder for him but no more.
  3. There is only one website where this is getting circulated. I cannot find any hint of this trade anywhere else. However, even the big sites can miss things here and there.

If there is any truth to this rumor it would have HUGE ramifications, not only for the draft but for fantasy football as well. Tyrod Taylor has a cannon of an arm to throw to Thomas and Sanders. Cleveland would be on the fast track to building that franchise. Keep checking back as we try to stay on top of this story!

Source: Bills, Broncos, Browns Brokering Blockbuster Trade : Net One Sports


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