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BREAKING: Blockbuster Draft Trade

Tennessee agrees to send No. 1 overall pick to Los Angeles Rams in exchange for multiple picks, giving Titans six of the top 76 selections in this year’s draft.

Yesterday we posted a video with a couple of the options that the Tennessee Titans had with their No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. It seems they have given themselves even more options after trading that pick to the LA Rams for a big haul of draft picks:


Titans receive from Rams:
1st round pick (15 overall)
2nd round pick (43)
2nd round pick (45)
3rd round pick (76)
1st round pick in 2017
3rd round pick in 2017

Rams receive from Titans:
1st round pick (1 overall)
4th round pick (113)
6th round pick (177)

The Rams now have the No. 1 overall pick to grab a desperately needed QB and are said to be targeting Jared Goff from California. The Titans will now have 6 draft picks within the first 76 overall in this year’s Draft (plus two extra picks next year) as they already had a second and third rounder on their own.

Mock drafters are going to be scurrying to rework their draft boards after this one! We will be updating ours as well!

Source: Titans Trade Top Pick, Acquire Multiple Picks from Rams



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