Your Rankings and Projections are NOT Adequate!

There are a ton of websites popping up all over telling you that they have the best rankings and projections for your fantasy football team and that they have a unique take on who to draft and who not to draft. They use consensus rankings compiled from major websites and fantasy gurus to help you out. However, SkullKing Football is taking a step further…

Starting this season, for 2016, SkullKing Football has a new ranking and projection system for you to take advantage of! Not only are the rankings and projections we use compiled from many of the major websites and gurus, the consensus rankings are then WEIGHTED by accuracy. The experts and sources who have been the most accurate over their past rankings have greater influence on how individual players are ranked. This accuracy weighting even extends to positions. Though one expert may be very accurate when projecting WRs, his RB projections may be less accurate. Those differences are factored into the overall rankings posted on SkullKing Football, giving you one of the most accurate sets of rankings and projections we could give you.

You can view our pre-season rankings for Standard Leagues, PPR Leagues and Individual Defensive Players and Auction Draft values, plus get our newsletter and view all of our articles and advice columns by signing up for a FREE Membership today!

If you want to view our Projections, not only for the pre-season, but also week-by-week throughout the season along with week-by-week positional rankings, Daily Fantasy values for FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo, Gameday Weather reports, Gameday Inactive lists, sign up today for our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP and use it for 30 days for FREE before you get charged the regular price of $17 for the season. If you do not like what you see, cancel your membership before the 30 days is up and you wont have to pay a dime!


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