Projecting Cutler in 2016 – Greg Talcott

According to many pundits, Jay Cutler had a good season in 2015. My question for those people is, “how do you define good”? The same pundits will point to the trade of Brandon Marshall, missing Kevin White for the season, Alshon Jeffery injured most of the year as the reason Cutler’s numbers were not as good as they could have been. This is a gross mischaracterization of the facts. If you look at Cutler’s numbers over his career, regardless of the talent around him, the health of the teams he played on, or the coaching staff; the numbers are the same. His best season yardage wise was in 2008 with 4526 and he hasn’t topped 4000 since. His best numbers for TD’s was in 2014 with 28, but he had 27 turnovers that year. His prior high was 27 TD’s in 2009 and that year he had 30 turnovers. So, the tradeoff with Cutler apparently is exponentially more turnovers any time he approaches 30 TD’s in a season. Pundits applaud his better decision making in 2015 because he only turned it over 17 times with 21 touchdowns. How exactly can anyone define any of that as good?

Undoubtedly, I will catch flack from some Bears fans who believe truly “loyal fans” support Cutler, but I am here to say for the millionth time; the Bears will never win with this guy. Cutler may well set every Bear passing record there ever was, but that is arguably the lowest bar in the NFL for QB records. Like it or not, Cutler isn’t even the second best QB in Bear history (Jim McMahon is number 1 by a mile), rather, Rex Grossman would be in the number 2 spot as he actually led the Bears to the Super Bowl in his only full season as a starter. While statistically speaking Grossman was a dumpster fire for the Bears, he was able to effectively lead the team someplace they hadn’t been in 20 years. Sure, Cutler got to the NFC Championship game against the Packers and once there he produced the most predictable result in franchise history when he was destroyed by Aaron Rodgers. How in the world anybody expects that Jay Cutler is on the brink of putting it all together at age 33 must be high on “bath salts”. I saw a fantasy QB ranking on Bleacher Report where Cutler was ranked 1 spot behind Dak Prescott and 8 spots ahead of Brock Osweiler when the reality is he is nowhere near either of them. Both are young players with tremendous upside potential; Cutler is old with nothing but downside.

We have seen the best Cutler has to offer and it is no better than the best meal ever produced at the Golden Corral Buffet. Fans should send letters to Jay encouraging him to retire after this season and get on with his life so we can turn the page. Fans should send letters to the woefully pathetic ownership that threatens a boycott if we don’t get serious about finding a QB. For crap-sake we signed Brian Hoyer in the offseason; it’s as if Virginia McCaskey is running the Land of Misfit Quarterbacks. And make no mistake, the reason the Bears suck, is the same reason any franchise sucks…ownership. While it’s not possible to get a new owner who actually has an interest in owning a winning team, it is possible for fans to demand change by not forking over their hard earned money to watch a team that has less potential than most franchises in the league.

Living in Arizona and watching the Cardinals develop as a franchise never would have happened without Bill Bidwell stepping aside and letting his son Michael take over. What the Cardinals were is what the Bears currently are; a franchise that has no chance of competing for a title as long as the McCaskey family and Jay Cutler are involved. As someone who has loved the Bears my whole life it is hard to say I may have to file for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. The only thing I have to look forward every NFL season is the success of my Fantasy team since the Bears are perennially destined for a mid-first round pick following a season where they once again narrowly miss a Wildcard birth. For fantasy owners it should be fairly clear by now my thoughts on Jay Cutler… don’t put him on your team!


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