Greg’s Top 12 QBs

by Greg Talcott
  1. Aaron Rodgers (FFC Rank: 1 ADP: 2.09): Slight edge to Rodgers over Brady based on me not wanting to be labeled a Packer-hater… even if I would never draft Rodgers over Brady. 4500 Yards 40 TD’s 8INT
  2. Tom Brady (FFC Rank: 2 ADP: 3.04): Really my first choice at QB if you hadn’t gathered that already. 4500 Yards 45 TD’s 7 INT
  3. Drew Brees (FFC Rank: 3 ADP: 4.05): Still highly productive but hard to see how he is more productive than last year. 4800 yards 35 TD’s 18 INT
  4. Matt Ryan (FFC Rank: 4 ADP: 5.08): Should remain a Top QB, but unlikely to top last year’s career best performance: 4500 yards 33 TD’s 9 INT
  5. Kirk Cousins (FFC Rank: 9 ADP: 8.04): Another contract year and the addition of Terrelle Pryor can’t possibly hurt. 4500 yards 32 TD’s 14 INT
  6. Derek Carr (FFC Rank: 5 ADP: 6.09): The only thing keeping him out of my top 5 is TD passes, hard to see a major increase over last year. 4000 yards 30 TD’s 8 INT
  7. Jameis Winston (FFC Rank: 7 ADP: 7.06): Adding Hamstrings Jackson to the roster and another year under his belt and he could be top 5 next year. 4300 yards 32 TD’s 16 INT
  8. Ben Roethlisberger (FFC Rank: 12 ADP: 9.08): Big Ben appears to be healthy and if he can stay that way the return of Martavis Bryant should boost last year’s stats. 4200 yards 31 TD’s 13 INT
  9. Marcus Mariota (FFC Rank: 11 ADP: 8.08): Mariota made a nice jump last season and more explosive weapons in the passing game should significantly help production. 3900 yards 30 TD’s 9 INT
  10. Andrew Luck (FFC Rank: 8 ADP: 7.10): If he is healthy than there is no way he finishes out of the top 10, but have a Plan B. 4200 yards 30 TD’s 14 INT
  11. Russell Wilson (FFC Rank: 6 ADP: 6.12): If he could up the TD numbers this season he is back in the top 10, but which Russell are we going to see? 4000 yards 27 TD’s 11 INT
  12. Cam Newton (FFC Rank: 10 ADP: 8.08): I think Newton has an excellent chance of finishing in the top 10 with new talent around him on offense, but health is again a concern. 3700 yards 26 TD’s 12 INT


When will the rookies get the start?

Tom Savage vs Deshaun Watson – Over/under on starting before the bye in Week 7: Under

I think Watson makes his first start of the season at home against the Cleveland Browns in Week 6 and never looks back. The only people interested in watching Tom Savage play are friends and family.

Brock Osweiler & Cody Kessler vs DeShone Kizer – Over/under on starting before the bye in Week 9: Under

The Browns have the best QB situation in the league compared to the Jets and the Jaguars because at least there is a glimmer of hope for the future in Kiser. Osweiler is obviously terrible, and if you are going to go young you would rather play Kiser. I think he gets the start Week 5 at home against the Jets.

Mike Glennon vs Mitchell Trubisky – Over/under on starting before the bye in Week 9: Under

I have officially relaxed sanctions on the Bears for drafting Trubisky, but not for throwing away 18 million to Mike Glennon. During warm-ups at the Cardinals game this past Sunday, Glennon tripped three times just simulating a rollout from center without taking a snap or any players around him. He proceeded to throw a horrible red zone pick during the game and should have had another. Trubisky has clearly outplayed him in camp and in 2 games. Glennon will start the season but Trubisky gets the call by Week 7 at home vs Carolina. Glennon is one of the single worst free agent contracts given to a backup in NFL history. Mike Glennon makes Scott Mitchell look like Steve Young.









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