Waiver Wire Madness – Week 2

by Justin Skolrud

Well…… Week 1 was painful for a lot of teams and rosters. Don’t jump off the cliff just yet as most everyone else had a bad week as well and you may have even won your week with the fantasy garbage you had. For those looking to improve their teams or replace players that went down this week here is a list of players to go grab and those to AVOID on the waiver wire.

Waiver Wire Pick-ups for Week 2

#1 QB Sam Bradford – Currently owned in only 11% of leagues
Sam Bradford looked like a number one overall pick once again on Monday night football facing the Saints. Yes, it was the Saints defense who had been bad for a few years, but the throws he made in the Monday night game were crisp, clean and impossible to defend at times. With the talent of Diggs and the emergence of Adam Thielen, look for Bradford to continue that success next week against the Steelers.

#2 RB Kerwynn Williams – currently owned in 2% of leagues
Look, with David Johnson out, every David Johnson owner needs to target Williams he is the next man up and is going to be going against the awful Colts Defense next week. He is nowhere the player that Johnson is but he is in the same system and now is the only “number one” on the waiver wire.

#3 RB Tarik Cohen – Currently owned in only 10% of leagues
With the injury to Kevin White the Bears have basically no one to throw the ball to down field. Jordan Howard will continue to be the lead back and get most of the fantasy points, but Tarik was used in the passing game with 8 catches for 47 yards. Look for Cohen to be used much like Tevin Coleman last year for the Falcons. Cohen is also a valuable player to grab for those that lost David Johnson this week.

#4 RB Marlon Mack – currently owned in 3% of leagues
Father time will eventually catch up with Frank Gore and in the opening game of the season Gore and Mack split carries, both getting 10. Mack got the TD but also had a fumble. We already talked about him being a player to stash or get as the handcuff to Gore. In week one he outperformed Gore and

#5 WR Kenny Golladay – Currently owned in only 10% of leagues
Golladay came into the game with preseason hype and an ankle issue. Many thought he would get out snapped by TJ Jones going into a tough matchup against the Cardinals. Well he proceeded to out snap TJ Jones 44-19. He got more targets than Marvin Jones and could quickly compete to be the number two receiver on a pass heavy offense. Marvin Jones disappeared last year and Boldin emerged because of his size. Golladay has the size to do the same thing this year to Jones.

#6 WR Cooper Kupp – Currently owned in only 16% of leagues.
Kupp ma not be the most athletic specimen on the field but he is a clean route runner and dependable to catch the ball. Sean McVay was a pass first offensive coordinator in Washington over the last 3 seasons and knows how to develop a QB which means good things for the receivers of the LA Rams. Cupp led the team in catches, targets, yards, and was the only receiver with a TD. Kupp will continue to be a great player in PPR leagues for the underneath routes.

#7 TE Austin Hooper – Currently owned in only owned in 36% of leagues
Yes, Hooper only had two catches in the game against the Bears. But the Falcons have been known to utilize the TE position over the years and Sarkisian (Offensive Coordinator) loves to utilize the TE position in the passing game. Hooper will see more targets in the coming weeks.

#8 TE Charles Clay – currently owned in 7% of leagues
As much as it pains me to say that you should pick up Charles Clay there aren’t many options to throw the ball to in Buffalo. This is more value because of lack of options.

Waiver wire picks to AVOID

#1 WR Nelson Agholor – currently only owned in 7% of leagues
If you take away his one big catch of 58 yards, Agholor only had 5 catches for 28 yards. That’s still better than Alshon Jefferies production of only 3 catches for 38 yards, but look for Wentz to develop more chemistry and reliability on the veteran receivers like Jefferies and Smith.

#2 QB Alex Smith – currently owned in 29% of leagues
If you take away the two big passes to Hunt and Hill, Smith only has 215 yards. The Patriot defense had some unfortunate injuries in the game which forced them to play brand new players to their defense that were acquired last week. There wasn’t much of the defensive playbook that they could use in the second half which is when the Chiefs poured on 28 of their 42 points. Yes, Alex Smith had a career day but there is a reason why you didn’t draft him. Until he does it again leave him on the waivers, let him take up a spot on someone else’s bench.

3# Jesse James – currently owned in 6% of leagues
We talked a lot about James last year as a waiver wire pick-up late in the season. So why is he a waiver wire selection to avoid in week one? Because the likelihood of him even scoring next week, let alone having another double-digit scoring performance, is highly unlikely. In the last two seasons, he only has 2 double digit fantasy games let alone a two score game. He also played against Cleveland.


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