DEF to Avoid Week 7 – Wyatt Berckenhoff

By Wyatt Berckenhoff

Falcons D/ST (62.1%  Owned) Despite the Falcons being owned in 62% of ESPN leagues their highest point total has only been 13.6, and  last week 5.7 vs Mami. Mami managed to have a second half comeback vs the falcons DST. New England is ranked 1 in overall offense with Tom Brady throwing the ball in New England , Falcons DST is a skip for  this week.

Ravens D/ST (83.9% Owned) Ravens are playing @Min despite Vikings QB troubles they are ranked 5th overall offense. Ravens are ranked 18th overall defense, 30th in rushing and 9th in passing. Minnesota is ranked 8th in rushing yards making for a bad matchup. Also a skip for this week.

*Due to some unforseen circumstances, we were unable to get this article posted in a timely manner. Therefore, you all missed out on Wyatt’s great prediction on the Chiefs D/ST. You can read it below to see how well he nailed this prediction to give some credence to the picks above. We will strive to do a better job of getting you the info you need on time!

Chiefs D/ST (91.7% Owned) Chiefs are playing @Oak with Carr starting are passing ranking of 23. Oakland also ranks at 23 rushing and 25 overall defense.  So why not start Chiefs, one reason is Derek Carr starting after his injury. Chiefs last three starts have been 5.3, 16, and 10.2  putting them at  pretty average defense. I would rather start a safer play at defense.



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