Buy Low/Sell High WRs – Ryan Graham

By Ryan Graham

Buy Low:

Sterling Shepard

So far this year, Eli Manning is attempting 37 passes per game, yet Evan Engram is the only well-known pass catcher on the Giants. This is about to change. Nobody in the receivers core has stepped up since the injuries to OBJ and Brandon Marshall. This paves the way for Shepard to be locked in as the number one receiver. He was a solid flex play during his rookie year. This strong play carried over to 2017, as he scored in double digits three times out of four games to begin the season.  Also, the past couple of weeks, he has not played because of an injury, and this week he is on bye. That is three straight weeks without scoring. On top of that, According to Fantasypros, the Giants wide receivers have the fourth easiest schedule for the rest of the season. Get Shepard this week because one he comes back from his bye, he will be an every week starter.

Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas came off of his bye week with a disappointing week, only two catches for nine yards. He did have an 81 yard catch reversed because of a penalty. If there was no penalty, he would have finished the game with 11 points in PPR format. Otherwise known as just your average ho-hum game from DT.  With the Broncos as a whole looking not the best, owners might be panicking with Demaryius. Take advantage of this. Go get him before this Sunday. DT matches up against the 31st ranked pass defense. Owners will stop their panicking after he has a great outing.

Keenan Allen

This dude is a target machine. He has 67 of them, good for third most in the league. The past couple of weeks his stat line has been not good: 4 for 67 against the Giants, 5 for 45 against Oakland, and 3 for 41 against Denver. After three straight games of not being a top-end WR like people expect, confidence is shaken on Keenan Allen. However, everything is set up for him this week. The Chargers play the 30th ranked pass defense of the New England Patriots. Keenan Allen will have his best game of the season this week, and his first game of over 20 fantasy points in PPR format. Even with the disappointing weeks, Keenan Allen is still the 14th ranked WR. Buy him now before he becomes a locked and loaded top 10 play every week.

Sell High:

Larry Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams

These three receivers all have something in common. They all have been producing at a high level, and the starting quarterback of their team will miss significant time. Fitz is already terrible on the road. After palmer’s injury, I don’t even want to start Fitz when he plays at home. Also, the Cardinals have the second hardest schedule for wide receivers from now until the end of the season. Cash in now on his name and the fact that right now, he is the third ranked receiver, A steep drop off is coming. As for Jordy and Davante, it was evident last week that they both missed Rodgers. Jordy had one catch for 13 yards on just four targets. Adams had two catches for 12 targets on five targets. Both of these receivers hopefully have enough name value and recent success to potentially get a good deal out of trading them.

Will Fuller

His pace just is not sustainable. Five touchdowns on eight receptions and 14 targets, that’s insane! Because the Texans offense is so hot right now, and because Fuller has done it for three straight weeks, people believe that this is the Fuller we will see for the rest of the season. Fuller is the ultimate boom or bust play. After three straight boom weeks, trading him now means you could get a lot of value in return.

Amari Cooper

This one is easy. Amari Cooper is the most talked about player in fantasy football this week. He had a humongous week last week; 11 catches, 210 yards and two touchdowns. I was a huge believer in buying low on Cooper because I knew he had a breakout game coming. With that being said,I certainly did not expect this great of a performance. Because people believe now that Amari is back and he will be the stud WR 1, his value is extremely high. However, Cooper is now more of a high end WR2, given his tendency to completely disappear during games. I do believe that cooper will be good the rest of the season, I just believe that at this moment, you could potentially trade him for much more than he is worth.


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