D/ST Must Starts – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff

Defense / Special Teams must starts that are owned in under 60% of leagues.

Titans D/ST 21.6%

With Watson going down in Texans practice the Titans’ defense could be a huge must start this week. Texans backup QBs have not done well in the past, therefore, without Watson Playing they are a must start.

Cardinals D/ST 54.1%

They are playing the 49ers who have really struggled to put up much offense. The Cardinals have been an okay defense to start with sacking potential. They are also a must start this week.

Saints D/ST 49.9%

There is no reason the Saints should not be owned for weekly starts almost every week. There is no reason the Saints should be under 60%. They are playing TB and with the recent struggle of their offense they are once again a start.



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