Playoff DST Pickups – Wyatt Berckenhoff

These percentages are based off of ESPN ownership and PPR DST scoring. These Teams bellow will give you at least 8 points a game making for a steady start play.

Patriots – % Owned 60 – Despite the Patriots slow start -1.1, -2, then 7.9 points, the last four finishes were 18.2 vs @DEN, 8.6 @OAK, 20 vs MIA, and 13.4 @BUF. Not the best DST scores over this season but the playoff slate is a breeze playing @MIA, @PIT, BUF, then NYJ making for a solid base score of at least 8. Not going to win you your league but they won’t let you down.

Bills – % Owned 14.8 – The Bills have been a under rated DST all year long putting up only two bust scores all season to @NYJ and NO. Their playoff slate can not get any better then what is playing IND, MIA, @NE,  and @MIA. The only major loss is vs @NE where they can experience a DST score under 8. But the other games are easy to score over the 8 base score . . . scoring more like over 10. IND is stuck on offense and is having a hard time producing points, while MIA has been playing two QB’s off and on and cant seem to get any offense going at all. Both are huge to gain points what can win you your playoffs.

Bears – % Owned 40.1 – The Bears have been a decant defense putting up a 5 games under 8 points this season. The five games to ATL, @TB, @GB, @NO, and @PHI the loss to both GB and TB were at the start of the season when Jameis Winston and Aaron Rodgers were both healthy and performed well.  The bears had a experience playing really good teams at the worst time of the year as far as DST play goes. In the playoffs they are facing @CIN, @DET, CLE, then @MIN. The first 3 games are to teams what have struggled putting points on the board, therefore, the Bears are looking solid for the first 3 games putting at least 10 points per a game. While the game at MIN depends on if the Vikings needs the win, if Min has clinched the playoffs, they could be resting their players therefore Bears DST could put up 10 points. We’ll have to watch that one.

Other mentions:

Lions DST %66.2

Ravens DST %84.8


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