First 10 Draft Picks – Wyatt Berckenhoff

The draft is shortly upon us and as the draft gets closer, every football fan goes crazy for any football news. From Landry’s major contract with the Browns to Dez Bryant leaving the Cowboys. With the draft getting closer, mock drafts are the “thing” football fans make and or look at to feed the craze of football after the LONG offseason. Here are the first ten picks of my mock draft and why have those teams taking them.

1. Sam Darnold QB USC

Despite the hot names of Josh Rosen and Josh Allen being talked about first, Sam has managed to stay at the one spot the majority of the time. Sam also has the confidence vote of the NFL owners with 17 of the 24 NFL owners what voted. I believe the Browns are done at risking with QB play and are going to pick a QB who has a stable head and a guy who can lead a team. The Browns need a franchise QB, not a whiner. A guy who loves football is needed to put on a Browns uniform and want to give it his all. I felt the other QBs would not give them their best return as Sam could.

2. Josh Rosen QB UCLA

Eli Manning is aging and the Giants are needing someone who can take his place soon. I can see the Giants making this pick for a QB what can take his place and become the next Manning. This is also following the trend of many years with QB getting picked back to back and early. If Giants want their guy they will have to draft him early.

3. Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma

Yes, Baker at the third spot you are seeing this right. And yes, the Jets have a surplus of QBs and I dare to say that they will draft one more in this year’s draft yet again. The Jets need a QB with experience and one what can light up the field and become a New York superstar. He will also be a perfect fit in New York media culture and the team would not have to worry about pressure affecting Baker. He is the perfect pick for the Jets to base a team around and either be the next Manzeil or the next Joe Namath.

4. Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama

  A beast of a defense lineman with Ray Lewis already saying that he the best defense player in the draft. The Browns already have Carlos Hyde and I believe they intend to keep him as RB and pass on Barkley. The Browns are looking to add depth to the defense. The defense improved last year, but with this move it will get better adding one of the best defensive players in the NFL draft.

5. Josh Allen QB Wyoming

Broncos need a top 5 QB in order to build the team around with 3 QBs already gone. I can see Broncos making the move for Josh Allen, a steady guy with upside potential in the small sample size he was giving in college. The question becomes what will Bills do? Will the Bills trade to grab a QB? If they do I can see them trading to get Josh Allen. Despite the trade the Bills MIGHT make, I believe the Broncos will hold off and get there guy Josh Allen.

6. Saquon Barkley RB Penn State

The Colts might be interested in taking Chubb DE to build up the horrible Colts defense. That said I can see the Colts not passing up the best running back in the draft and taking him sixth, what some might consider a steal. This will help the Colts offense being able to have Andrew Luck relieve some of the passing pressure with running. I believe the Colts will be looking to help Luck with a running game despite the defense.

7. Bradley Chubb DE NC State

With Chubb still being there the Bucs can’t pass on the best pass rusher in the draft. This will re-insure the Bucs defense line and make for better defense than last year with sacks and pressure on the offense.

8. Quenton Nelson G Notre Dame

The Bears will build up their offensive line, grabbing the best O’Lineman in the draft. This will give Mitchel Trubisky more time to throw and more time to give it to their new additions to the offense. The Bears hosted the player 4 days ago (when written).

9. Tremaine Edwards LB Virginia Tech

With Reuben Foster facing potential jail time the 49ers are looking to add a young talented LB to their defense core with the edition of Tremaine Edwards. He can play almost everyone on the field and his type is a monster to look at.

10. Roquan Smith LB Georgia

Jon Gruden has a major desire to bring back the rockstar defense of olden days football when he lead the team in 1998. Drafting a linebacker would give a base for defense to start with. He is super fast player with a really good players type and a tackle machine.


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