Buy or Sell: QBs – Aaron Kagan

Russell Wilson. Photo by Larry Maurer (CC by 4.0)

by Aaron Kagan

High Performing QBs

Patrick Mahomes

What can I say, when you set an all-time record for touchdowns scored in the first X games of the season, you will be noticed and looked at as a hot commodity. A total of 10 touchdowns in these first two weeks is unmatched historically.

Kirk Cousins

With over 400 yards passing his last game, and a total of 6 touchdowns through the first two weeks, he is lighting the league up as well, but much thanks to his supporting cast of receivers is due. Looking forward to a great season out of Minnesota.

QBs that are struggling but should come out of it:

Russell Wilson

Probably the most raw ability of QBs in the league, his struggles in the early season can be boiled down to offensive line play and a lack of receiving weapons. I feel some FA acquisitions combined with Pete Carroll coaching will remedy this slump.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Seems like Jimmy G started this season trying to fill giant boots of speculation and pressure. While throwing 3 picks in his first game of the season, then barely for over 200 yards his second, he is definitely feeling the pressure of being the franchise. This will calm down as he gets more comfortable during the season, or so we believe.

QBs that are probably struggling all season:

Eli Manning

Horrible offensive line play with just bad players on the right side. Yes they beefed up the left side with the Solder acquisition, but here a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Eli is a great player, but without a usable offensive line, he is forced to throw the ball faster than any QB in the league. I don’t feel this will change anytime soon.

Dak Prescott

With the success of his rookie campaign, expectations were high for the Cowboys to become “Dak’s team. This is difficult when injuries occur to the offensive line and you just have no weapons to throw to. The receiving Corp is simply not capable and at the level they need to be in order to be a winning team. Maybe an acquisition could help, but these issues are very deep.


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