Week 5 QB Outlook – Aaron Kagan

by Aaron Kagan

Week 4 QBs that are high on radar:

Jared Goff:

With the amount of offensive weapons that were attained in the offseason, Jared Goff has fully implemented and utilized each of them to near perfection. The 5 touchdowns thrown on Thursday night was an incredible example of great coaching and impeccable execution with regard to all of the offense and offensive line. This team will certainly be making a playoff run.

Phillip Rivers:

Being a perennial pro bowler throughout his career is certainly an admirable feat, along with the numerous records he has captured, Phillip Rivers hopes this is the year his team goes all the way to the Super Bowl. I would not argue if that were to happen.

QBs that are struggling but should come out of it:

Tom Brady:

I understand that the GOAT should not be in this category, but the fact is that his offense is creating his struggles. Hopefully with the return of Edelman and Josh Gordon becoming more comfortable, these will be the tools that Tom Brady needs to return to prolific form. Help from his offensive line is a definite need for this success to happen.

Russell Wilson:

Being physically gifted sometimes isn’t the only thing that is needed to attain success in this league, as exemplified by Russell Wilson being responsible for 85% of the offensive yardage. An offensive line that can defend him as well as his running backs is an essential part of an effective offense. This is by far the biggest struggle for Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, assuredly it is not his arm.

QB that is struggling:

Case Keenum:

Interceptions are a problem for this quarterback because turning the ball over is not a good thing. Blowing a 10 point lead in the last 12 minutes of the game is also not a good thing. He must fix these negative aspects of his game in order to find the success that is expected of him. It is only the start of the season, and we will see in the coming months.

Josh Rosen:

An opinion can’t be feasibly formed on the basis of a player’s first NFL start, although it was a win. Throwing for such little yardage as well as turning the ball over will leave a sour taste in his coach’s mouth. A larger sample size of games is needed before an accurate opinion can actually be formed.



Tom Brady v. Indianapolis Colts
Cam Newton v. New York Giants
Matt Ryan @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Phillip Rivers v. Oakland Raiders


Joe Flacco @ Cleveland Browns
Kirk Cousins @ Philadelphia Eagles
Russell Wilson v. Los Angeles Rams
Eli Manning @ Carolina Panthers


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