Week 7 QB Landscape – Aaron Kagan

Carson Wentz. Photo By Keith Allison - CC BY-SA 4.0

by Aaron Kagan

Week 6 QB to go all in on

Carson Wentz

His game finally looks to be nearly back to normal after his season-ending knee injury last season. Throwing for 3 touchdowns is a great way to prove his perseverance. The Eagles have many of their offensive weapons back from injury, and we can look forward to a return to championship winning form.

QB on the edge but don’t give up on

Case Keenum

While interceptions are a constant problem with this quarterback, he apparently has the support of the team and management behind him. His last outing was more revealing of his talents, but turning the ball over is always a bad thing. We will look for improvements in that area of his game, but solid tangible aspects of a franchise quarterback are there.

QB to rid your lineup of

Eli Manning

The team morale is simply broken with bad offensive line play leading to bad quarterback play. While Eli isn’t totally to blame for his team’s struggles, he is not helping his case any with his pocket presence and short dump off passes. The age of this quarterback is definitely showing, but who is to say that this is the reason that this team isn’t winning?

Week 7 Start/Sit


Phillip Rivers v. Tennessee Titans
Andrew Luck v. Buffalo Bills
Patrick Mahomes v. Cincinnati Bengals
Jared Goff @ San Francisco 49ers


Marcus Mariota @ Los Angeles Chargers
Cam Newton @ Philadelphia Eagles
Blake Bortles v. Houston Texans
Dak Prescott @ Washington Redskins

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