Week 11 QB Landscape – Aaron Kagan

Russell WIlson. Photo by Larry Maurer (CC by-SA 4.0)

by Aaron Kagan

Week 11 will bring many intriguing QB storylines to watch for in the upcoming week. The first game to kick off the week brings together two of the best at this position in the league. Playoff standings will also be more solidified after this week. Looking forward to a very exciting weekend of football.

Week 11 NFL QB very interesting to watch:

Patrick Mahomes

Having one of the most prolific offenses at his disposal definitely emphasizes the impact of stellar quarterback play to the point of being one of the best overall teams in the NFL. Watching this quarterback in action is simply enthralling. The team’s defense was in need of work at the beginning of the season, but has since apparently cleaned up their play. Execution of the most big plays in the league so far this season makes this quarterback one of the most intriguing to watch on Sundays.

NFL QB looking for improvement this last half of the 2018 season:

Russell Wilson

Establishing a run game has been an essential part of Pete Carroll’s offense. Now that this aspect is a reality for the Seattle Seahawks, stress on the shoulders of Russell Wilson is now reduced. This stress reduction will only improve Russell Wilson‘s play by opening more opportunities for one of the best quarterbacks at taking advantage of them. Offensive weapons getting healthy at this time will also be positive for this quarterback.

NFL QB that should be removed from your fantasy lineups:

Alex Smith

With the team’s major emphasis on winning with the run game, prolific passing executed by Alex Smith is simply unneeded. The fact that many of the offensive passing weapons have been injured will not help this situation any, but luckily there is a future Hall-of-Fame running back in the backfield. This however, is more of a reason to remove this quarterback from your fantasy football lineups this week and beyond.

Week 11 Start/Sit


Russell Wilson v. Green Bay Packers
Carson Wentz @ New Orleans
Jared Goff v. Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes @ Los Angeles Rams
Cam Newton @ Detroit Lions
Mitchell Trubisky v. Minnesota Vikings


Matt Ryan v. Dallas Cowboys
Kirk Cousins @ Chicago Bears
Alex Smith v. Houston Texans
Derek Carr @ Arizona Cardinals

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