Ten bold NFL predictions for 2019; Landing spot for Le’Veon, Foles – ESPN

What’s in store this offseason? Nick Foles and Le’Veon Bell head south, Antonio Brown moves west, and Browns fans make playoff plans.

Source: Ten bold NFL predictions for 2019 season – Landing spot for Le’Veon, Foles

At the end of every NFL season, someone comes out with a list of “bold predictions” for the next season. Most events on these lists do not come close to fruition, but they do leave some interesting discussion points.

In the above article, Dan Graziano of ESPN makes his own Bold Predictions list for the 2019 NFL season. The three most fantasy relevant predictions (Foles to Jacksonville, Le’Veon to Houston, and A.B. to San Francisco) could have an effect on other players for the fantasy season in 2019 and should be watched closely.

We still haven’t reached NFL free agency, and all three of the player moves above could require trades to make them happen since Foles may get Franchise Tagged, Bell may get Transition Tagged, and Brown is still under contract. That being said, all three of these moves could be intriguing for the 2019 season.


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