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Draft Profile: Kyler Murray – Aaron Kagan

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by Aaron Kagan

Kyler Murray

5’10″, 195 lbs, Junior

2018 statistics:

Passing: 4,381 yds (3rd in FBS), 42 TDs (2nd in FBS), 69.0% Completion Pct, 7 INTs
Rushing: 140 attempts, 1,001 yds, 12 TDs


-Throwing versatility. The physical attributes of having quick delivery and accurate throws are appreciated and apparent in this player.

-Pocket patience. Though he may at times struggle with moving and staying in the pocket; his patience to stay behind the line of scrimmage, survey the field, and deliver an accurate throw is exceptional.

-Athleticism. Displays incredible athleticism especially with his size for the quarterback position.

-Arm strength. Having excellent velocity in his throws is a positive,as well as being able to throw the ball down the field


-Size. Being 5’10 and 195 lbs makes Murray historically small in stature for a 1st round NFL quarterback.

-Pocket movement. Running out of the pocket at the first sign of pressure is a definite negative in this league.

-Experience. Starting a total of 17 games in his college career is a low amount, although other players have found success with similar amounts of experience in the past.


Kyler Murray has the abilities and the talent to excel as a quarterback in the NFL if an opportunity can be taken advantage of. His size casts some doubt in critic’s minds, but if he goes into a system that utilizes his different spectacular talents, success can be attained. Being a top 10 overall pick in the MLB should say something about his innate athleticism. Thinking that he is a run-first quarterback is a misconception, and while he might have the ability to run and get out of trouble, that is not his greatest strength.



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