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Draft Profile: Tyre Brady – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff

Tyre Brady

6’3″, 206 lbs

2018 Stats

71 rec, 1,002 rec yd, 9 TD


Hands – Fantastic hand strength. Tyre has a reliable controlled grip over the ball matched with body control. He can also make finger tip catches if needed, meaning that he has NFL receiver type of hands much needed to make a side line catch. Uses his hands to fool the coverage corners.

Separation Ability – He is a big body receiver that can get separation at the line. He has a quickness factor that makes him win 50/50 balls.

Athleticism/Size  – Tyre has an NFL type of body and size as a bigger, but fast, receiver. Matched with his route running he has the general type of a receiver.


Blocking – Despite his size, he needs to improve his blocking which could be a problem against NFL defenders. He seems to be reluctant to use his size to his advantage when it comes to blocking which could make him a liability concerning help in the running game.

50/50 passes – Although I said it was a strength it’s also a weakness in some areas as well. Due to playing for Marshall, he didn’t deal with high level defenders very often and, at times, struggled to bring down 50/50 balls with that level of play. That being said he is very football aware.


Tyre Brady has played two years at Marshall missing a only a few games in total. He has hands and football smarts to be an NFL receiver and matched with his speed can make him a “good” NFL receiver. He is struggles at blocking and lack of elite defensive competition will make him a mid round draft pick. He does have pretty good upside and could be overlooked in this year’s draft.


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