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Draft Profile: Ohio St QB Dwayne Haskins – Ryan Skolrud

by Ryan Skolrud

Dwayne Haskins

6’3 220 lbs. Sophomore

2018 statistics:

Passing: 4,831 yd (1st in FBS), 50 TD (1st in FBS), 8 INT thrown, 70% Completion

Rushing: 79 att, 108 yd, 4 TD


Solid Mechanics – When he has good protection, Haskins sets himself up with a solid base to throw with strength and accuracy.

Arm Strength – Haskins has a cannon of an arm that can hit speedy receivers on the fly 40+ yards down the field.

Size – At 6’3″ 220, Haskins has the prototypical size for an NFL QB that allows him to see over the O-Line as well as the body mass to absorb some of the hits he will take from defenders in the NFL.


Running Speed – Haskins is a slow and lumbering runner. The few “designed” runs for Haskins were QB Sneaks where he could use his size to push the pile forward for a first down or TD. He will have trouble escaping a good speed rush on his own.

Inexperience – While Haskins has played in the competitive Big-10 in front of capacity stadiums, he only has one full season of playing time plus some games the season before. That is not a lot of playing time compared to some of the other QBs in the draft.


Dwayne Haskins has, arguably, the best arm talent of all the quarterbacks in this year’s draft. If he can be drafted by a team that has a solid offensive line that can give him time to set and throw, Haskins will make an immediate impact on the offense. His inexperience will likely lead to rookie mistakes, but look for great things to come from Haskins as he starts his NFL career.


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