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Draft Profile: OSU WR Parris Campbell – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff

Parris Campbell

6’1″, 201 lbs

2018 Stats

90 rec, 1,068 rec yd, 12 TD


NFL body – He fits the mold of the typical everyday slot receiver for NFL. He’s a big slot receiver that can lead to more catches over high level defensive corners. Matched with his speed and body wise he can be an everyday player.

Technical – He’s an NFL smart play maker. He knows when to tuck the ball or when to just outright run past a defense player. He has excellent route running skills as well, matched with his hands, leads to high upside player.

Kick returning – He returned a lot of kicks and, matched with speed and body size mentioned above, can lead to having a prominent special teams role. These return type of players almost guarantee the player being on the field.


Production – He only had one year of full production with 38 total games played. This year of full production was elite but the other seasons did not yield as great of results. This could be because of either a lack of ability to catch the ball in traffic, or having a senior player ahead of him.

Lack of Blocking – Despite his big frame he struggled to win at the line of scrimmage making him have to fight twice as hard to get open. He will need to learn how to use his hands more efficiently to make for more passes to go his way.

Slot Receiver? –  His slot skills were amazing to watch as his production exploded in his senior season. That said he only had limited games as a slot receiver. The lack of experience in the slot role could hinder his overall NFL upside, though he could be used to line up outside as well.


His overall ability will allow him to be a day one starter with at least punt and kick off returns. He has football smarts but may lack some of the skills needed to use his hands to his advantage. If he learns over the preseason he could be an everyday receiver either outside or in the slot. That said this is a mighty task to ask a receiver in his first year.


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