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Draft Profile: Iowa St WR Hakeem Butler – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff

Hakeem Butler

6’6” 225 Lbs

2018 Stats

60 rec, 1,318 yd, 9 TD


Long Frame – At six foot six he provides a massive target for QBs with great speed for his size. The long frame allows for broader shoulders as well as a longer reach that could lead to more 50/50 ball receptions to be made. Also with the longer frame and longer arms he has a larger overall catch radius for off target throws.

Blocking – Due to his large frame his blocking skills are elite. He also plays with a high level of energy. This high level of energy has allowed him to get extra blocks down the field allowing for longer runs and overall more yards gained from the offense.


Agility – Due to his abnormally large frame, his body can get in the way of making small moves to shake a tackle. His large frame does not allow for him to be agile when going through his route. He can’t bull-doze over defenders or his career will be really short.

Technique – He can be lacking technique with both his hands (letting the ball get into his body instead of using his hands to catch the ball out front, leading to many dropped passes) and running his routes (causing a lack of separation and smaller windows for QBs to throw to). In college he tended to just run over people rather than play out the route. He may struggle in the NFL against faster, stronger and smarter defenders than what he faced in the Big-12 and cannot afford to take any plays off.


His body frame and big play ability could make him a first round draft pick. His size allows him to make long strides and create separation from defenders. He lacks starting speed because of his size, which he has relied on for his success thus far. If Butler can refine his craft, learning some of the finer details of the position to go along with his body size, he could have a lot of success in the NFL.


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