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Draft Profile: Iowa TE Noah Fant – Dante Pitts

by Dante Pitts

Noah Fant

Height: 6’4

Weight: 249

Class: Junior

2018 Stats

39 receptions, 518 receiving yards, 7 touchdown catches


Noah Fant, on most scouting reports, is listed as the most athletic Tight End in the draft. Fant has the speed and quickness similar to a wide receiver. With the ability to line up in the backfield, in the slot or on the line, Fant has the potential to be a nightmare for opposing defenses. Fant has displayed the ability to make incredible catches with strong hands. He can also make late adjustments to the ball while still securing catches. Also, he can make sharp, crisp, cuts without having to slow down his route running. Fant is a threat anywhere on the field, able to haul in catches down the seam, over the middle or against zone coverages.


Opposite of having great speed as a Tight End, Fant loses in the play strength and blocking departments. Fant cannot hold blocks long enough against bigger, stronger opponents. Perhaps time in the next level will improve his blocking technique with time in the weight room. Fant has also shown that his drop rate is higher when he is being contested for a catch. Fant can expect to see many more contested catches in the NFL and will be an area to focus on moving forward.


I expect Fant to be a first to second round pick in this year’s upcoming draft. I look for Fant to make an immediate impact on whatever football team he will end up on. With great size and speed Fant is able to create separation amongst his defenders making him too fast for linebackers and too big for opposing safeties.


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