Brown’s Road to Oakland – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff

Antonio Brown wanted to be the highest paid Wide Receiver and, long story short, got his wish. He will receive $50.125 million up to $54.125 for third year with a guarantee value of $30.125 million. The tricky thing is how Antonio Brown got his wish done despite the drama behind it all. Everyone knows about Brown’s behavior that all seemed to start over social media with Instagram and Twitter. One key starting point was the famous locker room video where Brown videoed Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin on Facebook live. This brought up many sport talk show hosts arguing over whether Mike Tomlin had lost the locker room. At the time the video was made many believed he had. Now it seems the cancer of the locker room wasn’t Tomlin, but rather Brown’s “all about me” attitude.

From that point on, the behavior didn’t stop as he turned to Instagram to continue his meltdown. It all started when Antonio Brown requested to be traded from the team due to . . . well . . . feeling like the number two guy as Juju Smith-Schuster‘s targets increased. His Instagram then became a crazy story of Brown’s feelings and the drama he seems to love.

Fansided posted this to their twitter:

Antonio Brown unfollowed the Steelers on Instagram… and just followed the @49ers WHAT DOES IT MEAN?” (Alonso,2019)

Brown was then follow by George Kittle, Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy Garoppolo on Twitter. A report also came out from the legendary Jerry Rice that Brown was wanting to go to the 49ers “Real Bad”. Kittle and Brown went on to do some Twitter flirting with a “Hey” and heart eyes emoji. Brown went so far as posting a picture of himself in a 49ers jersey. The drama didn’t end there as Brown went on Lebron James’ HBO show with some not so nice things to say about Steelers organization or Big Ben.

Then we have the incident of Brown ruining a deal with the Bills when the Wide Receiver responded to an Ian Rapoport Tweet about a potential deal as “Fake news” to the bills deal. The deal fell through when Brown reportedly told the Bills that he would rather retire and would not show up to camp if he was traded to Buffalo. Now with the Raider deal officially going through, the question becomes can Jon Gruden and the Raiders control their new high priced offensive asset?

It is well known that Jon Gruden likes veteran players despite dealing away Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack. Jon Gruden has nothing but good things to say about Brown in the past, and praising him earlier this year before the deal was even made. Gruden will need to commanded the locker room and respect of Brown or the receiver will make the locker room his. The locker room being taken over by Brown in Pittsburgh resulted in this dumpster fire the Steelers have had going back to the beginning of the 2018 season. He is a media type of personality that has yet to prove his leadership skills in the locker room.


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