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Draft Profile: NC State WR Jakobi Meyers – Lukas Kacer

by Lukas Kacer

Jakobi Meyers

6’ 2” 213 lbs

2018 stats:

92 rec, 1047 yds, 4 TD


Fantastic body control, hands, physical player

One component of Meyer’s game that makes him stick out from the rest is his body control. It seems almost if Meyers slows down time when catching the ball, as he catches the ball with a smooth motion. By having great body control Meyers is able to be a solid physical player when it comes to blocking and taking hits. Scouts will notice his toughness when it comes to draft day.


The NFL is changing into a fast-paced game, offenses are becoming centered around speed, and for Jakobi Meyers a lack of burst speed is not what most coaches are looking for. Meyers, who primarily played in the slot at NC State, may need to transition his game to the outside to be relevant in the NFL. His small frame also limits his vertical threat ability, but I think that will come with experience. As the NFL shifts to a faster pace, YAC (yards after catch) is becoming a stat that can put you over the top, and unfortunately for Meyers his YAC is not impressive enough to make him stand out to other receivers.


Meyers comes into the draft with some questions as to if he is NFL ready or not, but I think he will be valued as a late round target for a team with a mediocre need at receiver. Meyers without a doubt will give 100% every play, as he knows that his lack of burst speed and experience set him back for the rest.


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