Fitzpatrick to Miami – Aaron Kagan

by Aaron Kagan

Ryan Fitzpatrick is now headed to the Miami Dolphins and what that could mean for the upcoming season is a big question mark. With a very shaky offensive line and not very many weapons around him, it doesn’t look like much success is in the plan for Fitzpatrick. This move, however, does give Miami an opportunity to draft a young QB, allow him to sit behind a veteran quarterback learning and gaining experience without being forced into a starting role immediately.

The fact that DeVante Parker was re-signed offers the team some semblance of hope for a few wins at least this season. Teddy Bridgewater deciding to re-sign with the Saints after his meeting with the Dolphins tells you that the situation here in Miami is not the best for someone that is trying to prove himself to be a starter in this league. Obviously there are issues with the offense line, and other pieces are needed to win, that were simply not there for Bridgewater and he decided to maintain his learning approach to this career, which is admirable.

There were other moves to be considered, including Blake Bortles, who would be a bridge to the quarterback of the future much like Fitzpatrick is now. Bortles has the starting experience, as well as wins in the past to lead the team at least for this next season. But that does not matter now.

As far as fantasy implications go, this move will make for a decent starting quarterback in Miami, who will have his customary stretch of awesome games. He does however, always seem to come back to reality and eventually play like the quarterback he really is. This is not saying anything for the longevity of that streak to continue for the long-term; as we have seen in the past, we know what kind of quarterback Fitzpatrick is.

Kalen Ballage could be someone to look to draft because we know the Dolphins are going to rely on the running game as their main weapon. Also with Frank Gore not being there, this running back could actually have a breakout season. Overall this was a smart move for the Dolphins to make, with these different aspects considered. This move might end up being very good for the Dolphins in the short term, but it is obviously not a long-term move made for their future.

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