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Draft Profile: Clemson WR Hunter Renfrow – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff

Hunter Renfrow

5’10”, 180 lbs

2018 Stats

49 receptions, 544 rec yd, 1 TD


Hands  –  Hunter catches everything. Watching his film he seemed to never drop a ball during his time at Clemson. His hands are like magnets. If it hits him in the hands he will catch it. Doesn’t matter if the ball is low, high, right, or left; he will catch it. This brings attention to his concentration when eyeing up the ball and just when to extend his hands.

Competitive Toughness – He has one of the best mentally tough minds, not only in this WR class, but in the entire draft. He has worked his way onto the field as a walk on and has performed at a very high level. He always seems at his best in pressure situations (especially against Alabama).

Separation – Due to his size he is relatively fast at the line of attack, but not a burner type of WR like Will Fuller. His football smarts are what allow him to get separation due to clever route running. His route running skills allowed him to get many targets, especially on 3rd downs, and could be very useful in the NFL if drafted into the right system.


Size – Obviously his size could be a issue to translate for a NFL team as he is small, slim, and lacks muscle for the position. Because of this, injuries could be something to worry about.

Blocking –  Due to his size, it may be difficult for Renfrow to have an impact blocking in the run game against bigger and faster defenders. Despite this, Hunter showed aggressiveness at Clemson blocking for runs and screen passes. But as stated earlier, it had little effect as he was often run over or thrown to the side. Because he’s a slot receiver blocking will be apart of his game in some form compared to outside receivers.


Hunter is a player to watch out for, especially if he lands on a team like the Patriots. His hands are incredible, some of the best I have seen, but his size could hinder how much he is on the field. Because of this his impact will depend a lot on the ability his offensive coordinator to find the right usage for Hunter and give him the best chance for success.


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