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Draft Profile: Texas WR Lil’Jordan Humphrey – Wyatt Berckenhoff

by Wyatt Berckenhoff


6’4”  220 pounds

2018 Stats

86 receptions 1176 Yards 9 TD’s


After the Catch – Humphrey’s best attribute is his ability once the ball is in his hands. He has the ability to avoid defenders and fight through tackles with an insane level control. The first contact on Humphrey rarely brings him down due to his lower body strength. His ball skills allow him to receive more vertical catches in space as well.

Running the Slot- He worked out of the slot almost the entirety of his career. As a short and intermediate route runner, he’s very impressive. He has great on-field awareness, knowing where to find gaps in the defense or just run through a defender. The most effective route running comes when he has horizontal breaks that allow him to cut up the field to get open. He relies a lot on being open and finding the gap, but can struggle on contested catches.


Blocking – Despite having good size as a WR, he seems to be rather cautious when going for the block. He can be passive, at best, and gets run back on his heels, giving space to aggressive defenders to make the tackle. Because of this he has trouble maintaining blocks or driving the defender up the field to help the running game. That being said he can more be used as an up-field blocker in space, instead of up front in the line.

Speed and Technique – His lack of speed can be concerning. At the line, he has above average quickness to get off the line, but struggles to change gears when going vertically. Even for his size, his speed is average. NFL teams might want to see more of an explosiveness out of him, even from the slot. He sometimes gets lost when trying to position his body to catch the ball. Because of this, he struggles with inconsistent hands. He could use a little more time and training in hand and body technique.

Route Running – Although it is listed as a strength, his lack of running the entire route tree is a weakness as he had limited amount of work only running as a slot man. His route running is also limited by his speed and receiving technique, seeming to lose focus at times. Due to not having a top end speed he is rather limited in the route tree he could receive from an NFL team.


This quote from sums up his results at the NFL combine:

“I like the talent but I hate the testing. I wasn’t sure he could get open before the combine and now I feel even less certain. He dropped a bunch of weight for the combine, which hurt him more than helped him.” — Executive with AFC team (NFL).

His weaknesses seem to outweigh his strengths especially with his combine results having left more concerns. That being said his football attitude can’t be in question as he is a very committed to football as his sport. He is the type of player willing to work to get better. Off field issues should not be a concern for him. If he goes to the right team that uses him as complimentary receiver for the underneath game, his ability to break open will be showcased. He is a day three player that could still see the field on Sundays.


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