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Draft Profile: West Virginia QB Will Grier – Kevin Atchley

Will Grier

6′ 2”, 223lbs, Senior

2018 Stats

266 completions, 67.0% completion %, 3,864 passing yards, 37 TD’s, 8 INT’s, 175.5 RTG


“Touchdown Jesus” as he’s affectionately known by the WVU faithful has certainly made his mark in college football. Grier posted an impressive resume in 2018, which included an astounding (even by NFL standards: 37 TD’s to 8 INT’s- which would make even similar QB prototype, Steeler’s future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger, blush). Grier’s ridiculously low interception rate will benefit him at the next level, especially if he’s able to maintain it successfully at a high rate. Additionally, Grier’s size and mindful pocket awareness could make him lethal at the next stage of his career.


The Parade National High School Player of the Year in 2013 has a tendency to make a “hero” play for the big throw, rather than play it safe and check it down. Grier has a flashy style, which suited him well in college; but might not translate to the next level. Grier has also cemented himself as a below-average runner. Grier, somewhat unfathomably, posted negative 90 yards rushing during his Senior 2018 campaign. I mean, I understand kneeling the ball during a QB victory formation, but negative- 90 yards rushing is just ridiculous and speaks for itself. Grier certainly won’t be confused for the next Michael Vick- sorry Falcon fans!


While Grier is able to make the occasional flashy play, he will have to depend on his arm strength to bail him out of trouble when the pocket breaks down. Grier’s lack of mobility to escape the pocket as a running quarterback will definitely hurt his overall ability as a quarterback at the next level. One thing Grier does have going for him is his “what-if” talent. Most teams will draft Grier as a backup quarterback, and if their starting quarterback goes down due to injury, Grier will be pegged as the next ‘can’t miss’ backup – anyone think of Jimmy Garoppolo?

Grier better hope this anticipation and promise will translate to the next level. After all, who wants to hold a clipboard for their entire career?



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