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Draft Profile: Alabama RB Josh Jacobs – Anthony Haage

by Anthony Haage

Josh Jacobs

5’10, 216 lbs

2018 Stats

120 att, 640 yds, 5.3 avg, 11 TDs, 20 rec, 247 rec yds, 12.4 avg/rec, 3 TDs

Career: 40 G, 251 att, 1491 yds, 5.9 avg, 16 TDs, 48 rec, 571 rec yds, 11.9 avg/rec, 5 rec TDs, 0 Fumbles


Power – Jacobs has tremendous power when he has the ball. He consistently initiates the blow to the defender and fights for the extra yard. Jacobs extra effort will result in TDs and the ability to keep drives alive when his team needs a yard or two for a first down.

Hands – Jacobs is a complete back thanks to his ability to catch the ball. Jacobs has made several highlights in the receiving part of the game and he even lined up at wide receiver a good amount. Jacobs hands makes him a threat to become a PPR machine.

Patience – Jacobs gives his blockers time to open a hole that he can take advantage of. It is always a bonus to have patience in the backfield, especially in the NFL.

Carrying – In all 251 attempts in his three years at Alabama, Jacobs never fumbled. A huge issue with young running backs is fumbling which can lose them carries/opportunities.


Experience – The Alabama backfield was stocked with talent so Jacobs couldn’t get as many carries as a future NFL team would hope for. Without having a good amount of touches, it is hard to tell if Jacobs can handle the workload of a three-down back and stay on the field.

Elusiveness – Although Jacobs has a good, quick burst, he lacks some shake in the open field. He is more of a power back, so elusiveness isn’t really a huge worry for him.

Speed – He won’t need too much speed given the power he has but it may discourage some teams of giving him a chance. Jacobs ran a 4.60 40-yard dash which isn’t blazing but again, I wouldn’t worry about it.


I’m a huge fan of Josh Jacobs. He is a remarkable talent and is very underrated. He might have to fight for a starting job because of his lack of touches on the college level. Other than that, Jacobs has great potential and can become an elite RB before you know it.

Player Comparison: Todd Gurley


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