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Draft Profile: Arizona St. WR N’Keal Harry – Jorge Eckardt

by Jorge Eckardt

N’Keal Harry

6’2’’, 228 lbs

2018 Stats

73 receptions, 1088 yards, 9 TDs.


Size – Described as a “back-shoulder boss who thrives with contested catch opportunities” by NFL Analyst Lance Zierlein, Harry is a big body who is not afraid to go up for the ball around multiple defenders. He has great hands and knows how to position himself and use his size to his advantage in order to make the catch.

Strength – Harry is excellent at breaking tackles. Whether it is bouncing off a big hit or simply muscling his way out of a defenders’ grasp, he is a hard receiver to take down. He also always fights for those extra yards and will run right through someone if he has to.

Hustle – Not only does he fight for the extra yards, but he give his all even when the ball is not in his hands. Harry is a ferocious blocker, and will get down and dirty with a defender whether it is five yards from the line of scrimmage or 50.

Vision – One of the most impressive things you notice while watching his tape is how smart he is with the ball in his hands. He can make defenders miss in the open field and sees the play develop as it is happening. He has cut all the way across the field on multiple occasions in order to pick up some extra yards, and while that is not usually the most viable option he made it work when he had the option to.


Speed – While he certainly isn’t slow, he is not the most explosive wide receiver out there. This led to trouble creating separation in college, which against NFL cornerbacks will be even more of an issue. However, he makes up for this with his aforementioned contested catch and jump ball prowess.

Man coverage – When you struggle to create separation, you have trouble against man coverage. He has the possibility to disappear on some plays as a result of being locked up, which also leads to not being a huge factor in the red zone — unless of course he is thrown a back-shoulder fade.


Harry is definitely one of the more talented wide receivers in the draft due to his size, football IQ, and contested catch ability. However, it’s his lack of explosiveness that leads to some concerns. If you’re looking for a comparison, pegs him as an Allen Robinson-esq receiver, and we all remember how dominant he can be. He’s a competitor, and will go all-out on every single play.


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