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Draft Profile: Ole’ Miss WR DK Metcalf – Mitchell Meyer

by Mitchell Meyer

DK Metcalf

6’3” 228 pounds

2018 Statistics

26 receptions, 569 yd, 5 TD’s (7 starts)


Extremely Wide Catch Radius – The size and length of DK features him to be a huge target, basically, he’ll be snagging balls that a lot of guys wouldn’t have a chance at, or be labeled “off target”.

Beating Press Coverage – DK uses a handful of finesse techniques to beat coverage off the line and has an unique ability to dip either shoulder and speed past the defenders providing his loose hips.

Playmaker/Gamechanger – 50/50 balls seem to become 80/20 balls in favor of Metcalf, he makes one-handed video game catches seem routine.

Defensive Headache – With someone who can totally blow the top off of coverage, it’s something a defense has to prepare for and gameplan around. Whether it’s always hovering a safety over the top or just playing loose coverage.

Untapped Potential – There are only so many things that can be taught or trained to achieve, his size and length (34” arms, 9 ⅞” hands), , his natural ability to high-point the football, and his speed (4.33 40 yd). On display when he plants one foot in the ground and flies up the field, just ask Alabama on the first play of the game.


Injury Prone – Metcalf was gearing up for a fantastic true freshman year before breaking his foot halfway through the second game, still managing to haul in two touchdowns up to that point. After his superb second year, which he was named an SEC Freshman All American and started all twelve games, the superstar was off to a hot start in 2018, until the injury bug struck again. In the seventh game he suffered another season ending setback with a neck injury.

Concentration Issues – When working back to the ball he seems to take his eyes off the ball, or tries to trap it on his body and suffers simple drops. He also can continue to work back to the ball more aggressively.

One-Trick Pony – Metcalf has not shown a full complement of the route tree, and can be considered a one-trick pony only providing deep go routes, complemented by a couple comebacks and hook routes, which he struggled with. This can be looked at as a lack of coaching or system design, which can untap a whole new player in the right system at the next level. In 2018 Metcalf averaged 21.9 yards per reception, displaying the bust or boom play.


DeKaylin Zecharius “DK” Metcalf may turn out to be the best player from this whole draft class when we look back in a few years, that’s how much potential he has. Already having family bloodline linked to the NFL doesn’t hurt also, but this is the only receiver in this class who can be considered a first round “lock” and may go in the top 10. With the natural ability DK has to grab the ball in the air, he will be an automatic red zone threat, and he will be an impact player on whatever team picks him up. He can best be used as a number one wide receiver, and would fit right in with any system, since everyone uses a variation of a go route. If he can develop his route tree, and most importantly stay healthy, watch out for DK Metcalf.



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