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Draft Profile: Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson – Kevin Atchley

by Kevin Atchley

Tyree Jackson

6’7”, 245lbs, Junior

2018 Stats

225 completions, 55.3 completion %, 3,131 passing yards, 28TD’s, 12 INT’s, 136.7 RTG (2018 Stats also include 161 rushing yards with 7 rushing TD’s).


Who doesn’t love a dual-threat quarterback who shows flashes of promise? The excitement and buzz that make Tyree Jackson so special are the definition of a quarterback with significant upside, and even more so, potential. Jackson has the raw talent and arm strength to sling the pigskin all over the yard; all the while making defenders wary of his ability to run the ball as well. Jackson possesses a unique scrambling skill set that saw his 2018 campaign account for seven rushing touchdowns. While his 161 season- rushing yards might not seem like much, Jackson holds defenses accountable in the backfield, knowing full well that he can take off and scramble at any moment. Jackson’s arm strength to fire the ball downfield or even on the run (think of a much taller Johnny Manziel) makes this quarterback a headache for opposing defenses and defensive coaches alike.


What stands out most notably as a weaker part of his overall game is Jackson’s accuracy; or better yet, his inaccuracy. Jackson posted a putrid 55.3 completion % in 2018. His tendency to fire the ball downfield even in the worst possible situations (double or even triple coverage) shows Jackson’s naivety and delusion that he can make any throw. Jackson must improve on his accuracy to be a starting NFL quarterback. These ‘Brett Favre’-like gambles to throw the ball in tight coverage while scrambling shows Jackson likes to play fast and loose with the NFL gods of success. When it works; he looks like a starting NFL-caliber quarterback. But when it fails, these miscues that are the hallmark of Jackson’s game show his inability to succeed at the next level.


Jackson is the classic riverboat gambler who looks the part of an NBA small forward. The tall, lengthy Buffalo quarterback has plenty of desirable traits that most scouts look for in a starting quarterback: arm strength, height, and lateral quickness make Jackson a raw commodity who can certainly succeed at the next level. But in order to attain this success; Jackson must develop and hone his desire to pass the ball whenever he sees fit.

Throwing the ball away sometimes is the best possible outcome. Just move on to next play; and avoid that costly interception.

Jackson’s NFL success will depend upon it.


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