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Draft Profile: Buffalo WR Anthony Johnson – Nabeel Lalani

by Nabeel Lalani

Anthony Johnson

6’2″ 209 LBS

2018 Stats

57 Rec, 1011 yd, 11 TD


Anthony Johnson’s main strength is his size. His ability to use his size against lower competition in the MAC can be seen throughout his game especially when targeted in the red-zone. With his size, he has been a touchdown machine the last two years putting up 25 TDs.


Have not seen him against much real competition. Will have to judge most of his tape based off of his technique and route running. Seems like a big fish in a small pond. His drop in stats from his 2017 campaign to his 2018 campaign is also concerning as he put up 3 less TD, 300 less yards and less catches his second year.


Anthony Johnson will be a late round project for any team who looks to draft him. His size will make him a red zone threat at the next level but he will have to prove he can get separation from more talented defensive backs. He could be a poor mans Hakeem Nicks at the next level where he would use his size more than technique and route running to get the ball.


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