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Draft Profile: Missouri WR Emanuel Hall – Daniel Glasser

by Daniel Glasser

Emmanuel Hall

6’2’’ 201 lbs

2018 Stats

37 Rec, 828 yards, 6 TD


Hall’s ability to stretch the defense with his sub 4.4 40 yard dash gives any team a speedy deep ball receiver. His acceleration off the draw gives him an impressive edge over whoever has the misfortune of covering him. Along with this, his combination of size and speed makes him a deadly threat at all times. Hall’s ability to start and stop on a dime gives him the ability to make cuts that have defenders head’s spin. He finished his senior season with an impressive 22.4 yards per catch and has proven himself as a reliable receiver.


Even though Hall is an impressive deep ball threat, he is most of the time only a deep ball threat. His route tree is very underdeveloped and this could make it hard for him to breakthrough as a true NFL starter. Along with this, if Hall is unable to break free on deep balls, he seems to lack the edge to make contested catches in traffic. He is a one trick pony which decreases his draft value.


Hall is an intriguing prospect that can take the top off a defense at anytime. He reminds me a lot of Marvin Jones with his ability to create separation, good step off the line, and his large frame that gives him the ability to box out defenders. He needs some polishing but has potential to be a reliable starter in the NFL. I see him as a third round receiver but could push the late second round if a team is really in love with him. My perfect team fit for him would be the Colts. Hall needs a solid organization with a strong foundation to grow and having a solid deep threat perpendicular to TY Hilton could make a deadly combo in the 2019-2020 season.


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