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Draft Profile: West Virginia TE Trevon Wesco – Dante Pitts

by Dante Pitts

Trevon Wesco

6’3″, 267

2018 Stats

24 receptions, 352 yards, 1 touchdown


Wesco is a unique player as he is able to play the full back position and the Tight End position. He is a strong run blocker, he has great power in his lower half and has the ability to move defenders away from the ball. He is able to get to the next level from the line of scrimmage to block linebackers. In terms of yards after catch, Wesco is extremely hard to tackle, he will not outrun defenders and is not shifty enough to make them miss, but he is able to stay on his feet through initial contact. While watching tape, I saw him take big time shots and was able to keep going.


During his season at West Virginia, he was primarily used on hooks, seam run and play action pop passes. He does not have a wide array of pass route options and will need to open his route tree as he develops more in the league. Wesco ran a 4.89 and it does show on tape. Do not expect Wesco to have speed to burn past defenders or beat defenders off of the line.


While he will be a great NFL player, I don’t believe he will have enough to make a large enough fantasy impact. Wesco could pass for an undersized Tackle, and does not show much speed off of the line. His numbers at West Virginia can give you a look into what type of archetype player you will see with Wesco.


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