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Draft Profile: Georgia State WR Penny Hart – Chris Kuhn

by Chris Kuhn

Penny Hart

5’8″ 180 pound Junior out of Georgia State

2018 Stats

49 Receptions 669 Yards 2 Touchdowns


Penny Hart is low on a lot of team’s draft boards, yet has a lot of potential. He does not have the best college stat line. However, he has a lot of strong fundamentals. His quickness, footwork, and route running ability, all appear to be solid. Hart would greatly benefit from being around some veteran WR’s and training staff to propel his strengths to the next level. Hart’s biggest strength comes from his versatility. He is only 5′ 8″, 180 pounds but can still be a solid blocker, run trick plays, and play some special teams.


Hart is a very difficult prospect to evaluate. On paper, there is not much to look at for height, weight or stat line. Any interested team will need to take a hard look at Hart to find his true potential. It will also take a lot of time to develop his talent into what it could become. Hart is likely to be a late draft stash that will be a lot of fun to watch in the preseason for all fans.


Penny Hart is the type of player that fans want their teams to draft. His draft value is not too high, he is an entertaining player to watch, and he has the potential in the right system to develop into a dynamic NFL option. Even if Hart does not make great progress, he could still be an asset within an NFL locker room with his other strengths in blocking, special teams, and anything in between.


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