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Draft Profile: West Virginia WR David Sills – Daniel Glasser

by Daniel Glasser
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David Sills V

6’3’’ 211 lbs

2018 Stats

65 rec 986 yards 15 TD


Sills ball skills are very impressive and combined with his notable route running abilities makes him a threat at all levels of the field, he makes clean cuts that can break defenders ankles and is most dangerous near the goal line, Sills had 9 of his 15 touchdowns scored with the opponents 20 yard line in 2018. He has good body control which helps him make mid-air turns and contortions.


Sills is not a very fast receiver and doesn’t have the breakaway speed to get separation from defenders down field. He is a bit lanky, which makes it easier for defenders to body him. He had an atrocious drop rate in 2018, only 55% of passes thrown to him were completed, which makes teams very wary of drafting him.


Sills had a strong 2018 campaign and will definitely make an NFL roster, his speed is something that can’t really be fixed to an extent. He seems like a mildly strong prospect that should go on day three of the draft, I see him as more of 4th option wide receiver for a team. He has enough talent to be a backup or lower end starter, but should be able to do well with almost any organization. My perfect team fit for him would be the Patriots. Sills in a Bill Belichick system could find his way into the starting lineup and the Pats are in need of receiving help after the loss of star tight end Rob Gronkowski. He is a rotational player with good route running skills that should translate to the next level with enough work.


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