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Draft Profile: Georgia WR Mecole Hardman – Daniel Glasser

by Daniel Glasser
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Mecole Hardman

5’10’’ 187 lbs

2018 Stats

34 rec 532 yards 7 TD


Speed, First cut, Special teams player, find holes in the 2nd/3rd level

Hardman has speed to give on the field and his acceleration is nothing to scoff at either, he has clean footwork and can make nice cuts on his opening moves. Downfield he is good at finding soft spots in the defense to go to for the easiest pass for his QB. He has the ability to create separation from a defender at almost any time. Hardman only increases his draft value by being a Punt/Kickoff returner, in the 2018 season he racked up nearly 800 yards on returns and a TD to boot.


Small, contested catches

Hardman is relatively inexperienced for his position, with only two full seasons of wide receiver under his belt, and it shows with an underdeveloped route tree and trouble in traffic. He has a small frame and can easily be bodied by defenders downfield. Hardman also seems to be too reliant on his natural abilities which could hurt him in the NFL.


Hardman is a very versatile player but is inexperienced at his position, he needs time to develop. His speed is very impressive and he will be used in special teams often. Hardman reminds me of Tavon Austin, a smaller framed freak of an athlete that could be used at almost any skill position on the field, the problem with players like Austin is that they rely too much on their athleticism and seem to fall into the role of special teams player and jet sweep wr/rb. Hardman has talent galore but will take some time before he can mature into an NFL starter. My perfect team fit for him would be the Jags, The Jags ended the 2018 season dead last in punt and kick return average, and a player like Hardman would definity be a big boost to their special teams. Along with this, giving Nick Foles a new toy would definitely help a team that doesn’t have the most impressive wide receiver core.


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