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Draft Profile: Washington RB Myles Gaskin – Tom Kovack

by Tom Kovack

Myles Gaskin

5’9″, 191 lbs.

2018 Stats

1,268 yards rushing, 13 TDs, 4.9 yds per carry, 21 rec/77 yds


Vision, Yards after contact, Slippery, Cutback runner


Size, Mileage, Lack of breakaway speed, Pass protection


Gaskin is one of the more experienced backs in the draft, totaling over 1,000 touches at the University of Washington. That experience can be a good thing, but it can also lead to more early wear and tear and a shortened career. While his size is an issue, Gaskin possesses outstanding vision and the ability to make defenders miss him. He has sneaky power; he can take a hit and keep on rolling. His size, however, may hurt him in pass protection from bigger lineman and linebackers.


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