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Draft Profile: Baylor WR Jalen Hurd – Daniel Glasser

by Daniel Glasser
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Jalen Hurd

6’5’’ 226 lbs

2018 Stats

69 rec 946 yards 4 TD


Hurd has the ability to play wide receiver and running back and has great athleticism. “Low man always wins” is a term thrown around in football a lot and Hurd is always the low man, and it’s not easy being the low man at 6’5’’. He is able to make quick cuts and has some decent speed. Hurd is good in traffic and can body around weaker defenders.


Hurd is very new to the receiver position and still has a lot to learn. He has a very underdeveloped route tree and needs work with his route discipline. He isn’t the greatest pass-catcher and has trouble tracking the ball on deeper routes. He just needs work at the position overall. His blocking seemed to have little effort in it at all which hurts his self image to teams looking at him.


Hurd is a durable player that has a bright future in the NFL. He is in need of development since he had to switch positions in college but seems to be on the right track. He is extremely versatile and athletic, and with his size and length could be a real star in the league. He has a lot of work to do to develop his talents, but can do it. My perfect team fit for him would be the Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald would be an amazing mentor for Hurd and having Kyler Murray(possibly) as a QB wouldn’t hurt either. Hurd should be a third to late fourth round pick, and whichever team acquires him won’t be sorry.


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