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Draft Profile: Boise St QB Brett Rypien – Kevin Atchley

by Kevin Atchley

Brett Rypien

6’ 2”, 210 lbs, Senior

2018 Stats

301 completions, 67.3 completion %, 3,705 passing yards, 30 TD’s, 7 INT’s, 156.0 RTG (*Was named Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year in 2018*)


Wearing the legendary Brett Favre number 4 jersey, Brett Rypien is a near clone of his Hall of Fame counterpart. Does that sound bold? It should. Rypien is a Favre prototype- same size, and loves to gamble- much like his Hall of Fame successor. Rypien throws darts all over the field and is not afraid to make the impossible throw into tight coverage to satisfy that insatiable need to score. Rypien, much like Favre, has that elusive poise to stand tall in the pocket in the face of defenders barreling down on him; and will showcase his savvy mental toughness to complete that ‘WOW!’ play that have scouts buzzing about the Boise State Senior. Rypien’s accuracy with the football (he posted an eye-popping 67.3 completion % in 2018) shows that he’s capable of not only slinging it deep; but has the numbers to prove that he can be effective while doing so.


There’s a trait for every NFL prospect that will show that he’s mere human. Rypien is no different. Rypien was sacked a career high 32 times in his 2018 Senior campaign. While he can make that hero play and sling it deep; Rypien often succumbs to pressure and goes down too early. To be a successful NFL player; Rypien must learn to get rid of the football quicker. Otherwise, those sacks will quickly turn into the dreaded sack-fumble.


Rypien was a highly touted prospect when he entered Boise State, and he showed flashes of promise during his four years as a Bronco. The key to success for Rypien will be durability and feeling comfortable in the pocket. There will be inevitable pressure in the NFL – with 300lb+ linemen barreling down on you when you’re trying to go through your progressions. Rypien must learn to stay calm, cool, and collected during this hectic chaos, and make the right reads under pressure.

The more comfortable a quarterback is in the pocket, the more time he will have to make a read and make that laser throw to keep the chains moving, or better yet, to score those coveted 7 points. Brett Rypien will find out one way or the other if he can achieve this NFL success. For right now, those chances look pretty good.


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