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Draft Profile: Oregon WR Dillon Mitchell – Chris Kuhn

by Chris Kuhn

Dillon Mitchell

6’2 189 pound Junior out of Oregon

2018 Stats

75 Receptions 1,184 Yards 10 Touchdowns


Mitchell has improved his play greatly every year of his college career. He has solid game time experience, even in major games. Mitchell has been Oregon’s bright spot in almost every top matchup. He was a key player in all but one of their games against top 25 opponents (Stanford, California, and Washington,). This shows that Mitchell is ready to face the tougher talent that the NFL has to offer. If Mitchell can continue to progress with experience and play his best games when it counts, we could hear his name called in the NFL.


Mitchell’s biggest weakness seems to come from lack of focus and fundamentals. He needs to improve his route running skills and focus on using his physical ability to his advantage. He is not known for being the most driven player in the locker room. As the NFL is coming off a year where two of the best WR’s in the game got traded largely or solely due to their off the field issues, that is definitely a red flag.


Mitchell has everything he needs to become a solid NFL player. If he can continue to progress in this fashion and show up when it counts, he is on the path to success. However, his biggest opponent might be himself. The NFL tends to show leniency to strong players off the field issues. But, if Mitchell has poor route running skills, consistency, or drops, he will not be around for long. Mitchell’s film is very impressive, and if he can stay on his path he could become a solid NFL WR.


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