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Draft Profile: Northwestern St. WR Jazz Ferguson – Daniel Glasser

by Daniel Glasser
Tw: Glasser_Dan
IG: daniel_glasser

Jazz Ferguson

6’5’’ 227 lbs

2018 Stats

66 rec 1117 yards 13 TD


Jazz plays very physical and can body defenders, he has impressive size and frame and knows how to use it to his advantage. He can block very well and could be useful for any team. Jazz has good hands and can catch well in traffic.


Jazz has dealt with some maturity issues and even had to leave LSU due to these problems. He isn’t the fastest receiver and lacks elite acceleration. Jazz also has some issues with his route adjustment and seems to prefer bodying defenders instead of trying to get separation.


Jazz needs a lot of help to develop his skills but has potential. He needs to work on his maturity issues if he wants to have any chance to be an NFL receiver. I don’t see him doing much at the next level besides a practice squad player with a chance at being a backup. I do not have a perfect team fit for him but he needs a very strong organization with a solid coaching staff or he is doomed to fail at the next level.


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