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Draft Profile: Ole’ Miss WR DeMarkus Lodge – Nabeel Lalani

by Nabeel Lalani

Damarkus Lodge

6’2” 202 Lbs

2018 Stats

65 Rec, 877 yd, 4 TD


Lodge already has the look of a NFL WR with his size and his speed. He should be able to line up outside for which ever team drafts him. He has good technique and has shown the ability to get separation.


Damarkus will be a project at the next level. He had the luxury of playing next to two 1st round WR’s in DK Metcalf and AJ Brown who got the attention of the opponents top corners and usually safeties. Even though Lodge has been able to get separation he will be going against tougher competition at the next level.


Lodge has potential but we will most likely not see him flourish for a few years as he may go near the end of the draft or he be an UDFA. His size and speed will likely get him a spot on a team’s practice squad where he will get his opportunity.

His size and speed may remind you of Mohammed Sanu during his time on the Bengals but will most likely never be the number one option on any team.


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