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Draft Profile: Washington St. QB Gardner Minshew – Kevin Atchley

by Kevin Atchley

Gardner Minshew

6’ 1’’, 225 lbs, Senior

2018 Stats

468 (!!!) completions, 4,779 passing yards, 38 TD, 9 INT, 70.7 completion %, 147.6 RTG (* Was named the 2018 Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year).


The first things that come to mind when one thinks of Gardner Minshew is his incredible mustache, and more importantly, his ridiculous pass-happy approach. Playing in head coach Mike Leach’s legendary ‘Air Raid’ offense, Minshew unleashed the football an absurd 662 times in 2018; connecting on 468 of those passes. Minshew’s ability to not only launch it deep, but also to connect at an impressive 70% clip shows that he’s more than just a gunslinger – the dude has some serious accuracy traits as well. Minshew uncorked the ball so much in 2018 that he easily cracked the 4,700 yards mark, on his way to becoming the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year. Minshew also managed to limit his interceptions to single digits (9) in 2018, which is incredible in its own right when you consider how often he threw the pigskin. Talk about precision!


While Minshew is a lethal deep threat, he does not posses ideal size for an NFL-caliber starting quarterback. At just over 6 feet, Minshew does not have the prototypical size that most teams look for in a quarterback. Was he a product of Washington State’s pass-happy system? Most scouts – and more importantly teams – will be asking themselves this when considering whether or not Minshew can lead a football team at the NFL level. Being a strong-armed quarterback who airs it out frequently is great, but Minshew needs to overcome his height-challenged traits in order to succeed at the next level.


Let’s not get it twisted. Gardner Minshew was as exciting a player as anyone to watch in college football in 2018. College football fans were obsessed with his savvy facial hair game, and “Minshew Mania” as it became known wreaked havoc on the college football scene in 2018. Minshew is a fiery player whose personality and overall game took over the college football landscape in 2018. While he was unable to capitalize on this fame and success in terms of reaching the College Football Playoff, Minshew assured himself a place in the hearts of all Washington State Cougar fans. His bravado and confidence were ideal traits that briefly set the college football world ablaze in 2018.

Now let’s hope this confidence translates to the next level. NFL defenses will be waiting.


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