Matt Ryan: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

by Aaron Kagan
Tw: @SkullKingGuruFF

While being a perennial Pro Bowler and most probably when it is all said and done a Hall of Famer, Matt Ryan has had some ups and downs of his own. With his inmate abilities at the quarterback position, he is continually leading his team to the forefront of his division, and typically the playoffs.

There have been some incredible swings in his finishes from a fantasy football perspective through the last six years of his career among quarterbacks. This could be due to a variety of reasons, nearly none of which have to do with his abilities. Variations in his offensive line through the years have an effect on his end of year finishing status, as well as the weapons that he has had not being available.

Here are his fantasy finishes for the last 7 years:

2012: QB6
2013: QB15
2014: QB7
2015: QB19
2016: QB2
2017: QB15
2018: QB3
2019: ????

We can see that in some years he finishes in the top 10 or even top 5 among quarterbacks, and in other years he barely breaks the top 20. Through the swings though, he has always shown to be a mark of consistency at the position as far as his statistics are concerned. Changes in coaching staffs appear to have a negative affect in the first year of operation. As the newest coaching staff of Dan Quinn gets more and more acclimated to the team, and vice versa; time will only tell where Matt Ryan will finish among quarterbacks this year in fantasy football.


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