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Is Lamar Jackson more than a streaming option? – Z. Putteet

by Zach Putteet

You’re doing your fantasy draft with your friends, you’re in the middle/late rounds and it’s time to draft a QB. Maybe you already drafted a QB and looking for a backup, and Lamar Jackson is still on the board. Do you draft him?

In my opinion: Absolutely not!

For starters, he didn’t even know the Ravens were rolling out a new offense this season despite hiring a new OC. That’s concerning on some levels considering your average fan knows that if a team hires a new a OC a new offense is coming as well. Also the mid to late rounds you can still get some very good quarterbacks such as

Baker Mayfield
Ben Roethlisberger
Marcus Mariota
Jared Goff
Carson Wentz
Russell Wilson

These are just some examples I see being available in the middle/late rounds.

I know he only started 7 games last season, but in those 7 games he went 99-170 for 1,201 yards 6 TD-3 INT with a completion percentage of 58% and a QBR of 45.1, which was 31st in the league. To be completely honest he does more damage with his legs then he does throwing it compiling 695 yards and 5 TD on 147 carries. He’s the guy you pick up off the waiver wire when your #1 is on a bye week and need to pick someone up for the week, hoping he puts up decent numbers in a favorable matchup.

He’s a tuck and run quarterback, and as history goes to show those type of QB’s don’t perform well in the NFL. The ravens went 6-1 in the 7 games he started in but their opponents’ combined record in those games was 53-58-1 so it wasn’t really anything to brag about.

Hanging on to the football was an issue for him last season as he fumbled 10 times, though he only lost 2 of them, but that wont always be the case. If he made passing the ball a priority I would say go ahead and draft him, but he seemed more worried about making plays with his legs last season than with his arm. With teams focused on stopping him from running and daring him to throw, I don’t see his run game being as big of a factor as it was in 2018.

I see why people say he can be the next Michael Vick. He has an absolute cannon of an arm and can float the ball over the top corner with ease, but his accuracy is a huge concern. Unless that’s been his main focus this offseason I don’t see it changing. With that being said Lamar Jackson is nothing more the last option when you desperately need a QB for the week.


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