Fantasy Focus: Chicago Bears’ RBs – A. Haage

by Anthony Haage

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The Chicago Bears collectively had a solid running back corps in 2018, and they need to be evaluated in order to attack Montgomery vs. Cohen debate. Bears RBs rushed for 12 TD’s, and 1,415 yards while accounting for 957 receiving yards with 6 rec TD’s split between Howard, Cohen, Cunningham, and Mizzell. That’s 2,372 total yards with 18 total TD’s. The Bears are definitely a team to target fantasy-wise, but the question is WHO to target. With the departure of Jordan Howard, and the addition of David Montgomery and Mike Davis, the 2019 RB stats will look a little different. The Bears traded up and spent a 3rd round pick on Montgomery and they intend to put him to work this season.

Cohen doesn’t really provide a lot for rushing stats (444 yards, 3 TD’s), but he made his money receiving out of the backfield. Cohen had 71 receptions, 725 rec yards, and 5 TD’s which made him a solid PPR play last year. Head Coach Matt Nagy praised Montgomery for his route-running skills and his hands, so Cohen will most likely get less targets and points than last year unless they implant some more ways to get him involved like two-RB backfields and lining him up at WR.

I predict Montgomery to be on the field for all three downs and be the main rushing back partly due to the fact that he led NCAA the past two years in forced missed tackles and Nagy’s words about him being a workhorse. I can see Montgomery gaining around 1,500 total yards with 8-12 TD’s which would be a huge steal considering his 5th round ADP.

Cohen can be in serious trouble with his 7th round ADP. I don’t love Cohen in fantasy since he is a very big boom/bust player. Although Cohen averaged 10.5 points per game and was a top 20 RB, he scored under 10 points in 9 games. So, for over half the season, Cohen was not an ideal play for fantasy owners. In fantasy, it is important to limit risk and avoid boom/bust players so you can put together a winning team every week. Tarik Cohen is not a consistent player and I am avoiding him on my fantasy teams or taking a really late pick only in PPR.

To summarize the Montgomery vs. Cohen debate, Montgomery is taking the cake every time for me. I am very optimistic for Montgomery and he could be a league winner for fantasy owners. Montgomery has been taken around the RB20 spot, but he can finish as a top 10 play. Don’t let Montgomery slide between yours fingers for someone else to reap the rewards this year.


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