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Is Brady Still a Top 10 Fantasy QB? – A. Kagan

by Aaron Kagan
Tw: @SkullKingGuruFF

Through out the history of the NFL as a league, there have been no quarterbacks that have some of the career accolades of one Tom Brady. Some say he is the greatest to ever play the game, and that we are able to watch history being made in our generation that could never be repeated again in any lifetime. Still others feel the coaching staff of Bill Belichick has more to do with the success of the team than any one player.

Facts are facts, and the fact is what they have accomplished together for the New England Patriots has been just incredible attaining six Super Bowl championships. We are going to look at his age aspect, the potential tools he has around him this season, and how his training mentality can affect what age he will retire at.

Aside from these achievements of the Super Bowl trophies, Time does not stop and he will be 42 years old when the season starts. The aspect of age is important when looking at the possibility of being a top 10 quarterback again from a fantasy perspective. Something to keep in mind is that other quarterbacks in the past have played until they were 45 and 46, and George Blanda was even playing until 48 though he was mostly playing as a kicker in those late years.

Tom Brady’s coaching staff is one tool of stability, but his receiving weapons are basically all new this season. One of the biggest questions that the team faces is that of Josh Gordon, and if he will be able to play with the team in 2019. He was building a report with Brady during the 2018 season, and now the question is if the league will allow this connection to blossom again in 2019.

In addition to Gordon, the New England Patriots have drafted analytically one of the best wide receivers on the board in the 2019 NFL draft in N’Keal Harry. Some have viewed this pick at the end of the first round as a steal, and yet others have viewed it as a reach. We will see how he plays into the offensive scheme.

Another notable receiver that the team has acquired this offseason is Maurice Harris, who just may have a breakout year under the guidance of Brady and Bellicheck. They also retain the services of Phillip Dorsett, who may just show his highly touted abilities that were expected when he was acquired via trade. In addition, the always versatile Julian Edelman will be present to help the team as well.

With Tom Brady‘s training mentality, it is hard to imagine him not achieving this feat of longevity in the league. He focuses on keeping his body healthy, as well as his muscles pliable, which he discusses in his new book “The TB12 Method” as the main aspect of his training regiment. This focus will only add years to his NFL career. Teammates of his have also incorporated some of these aspects of Brady’s training into their own training in order to extend their careers.

In summary, the aspect of age is not a total deterring factor when debating if another top 10 fantasy season is possible for Tom Brady. As we have seen in the past, his current age is minuscule when looking at other players that have played in the NFL. The new as well as old weapons that he has around him will only add to the possibility of this top 10 season happening. This, as well as his strict training regiment helping to mitigate the fear of his age bringing him closer to retirement, are all points that make achieving a top 10 finish this season more obvious than not.


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