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Is Tyrell Williams Being Overlooked? – C. Kuhn

by Chris Kuhn

Tyrell Williams has always been a decent wide receiver and now he’s in a great position but people are starting to forget about him.

Last year he found a way to still find some production on the Chargers’ stacked offense. Not only did he fight against top cornerbacks, he also had to fight off Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen and the young, up and coming Mike Williams, for every catch.

Tyrell Williams has been placed in a great position, lining up beside Antonio Brown, who will be taking the majority of the defense’s attention. This leaves Williams to go against some second-tier defenders and still have Carr’s attention as his number 2 wide receiver. Past wide receivers who played beside Brown, such as JuJu Smith-Schuster, have had great success. Tyrell Williams is in a perfect position to have a breakout season with more game time, less defensive coverage and something to prove after not being resigned by the team that drafted him.

Williams is a great athlete, with a proven history of success, averaging over 800 yd and 5 TDs per season over the last 3 years. He also has a much better situation around him. Yet, on average he is being drafted as wide receiver 52 in fantasy drafts (#188 overall in 12 team Half-PPR leagues). Now, what could be the reason for this random down spike in draft position? It appears that with big-name wide receivers such as Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. switching teams maybe the public forgot about Tyrell Williams’s change of scenery.

Williams could be drafted with a late throw away pick and has the potential to be in your starting roster week in and out if the Raiders’ offense can find success. Williams is a great example to the draft advantage of waiting to get wide receiver depth and focusing on other positions in earlier rounds. When teams have more than one fantasy productive wide receiver, this allows the market to get flooded with talent and guys with great potential like Tyrell Williams can fall through the cracks.


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